The Subtitle Glasses Service is Available(Tokyo Only)and the English Ticketing Website Opens September 18th, 2016

We proudly announce that the multi-lingual subtitle glasses service is available for all performances in Tokyo(This service is NOT available for Iwate, Fukuoka and Osaka). The subtitle service will make you enjoy the HYPER PROJECTION ENGEKI “HAIKYU!!”: Karasuno Revival! with multi-lingual subtitles displayed on an eyeglass device. This system also allows you to easily choose your preferred language, text size and display position via an attached controller. Available languages are English and Chinese.
If you are interested in using one, please check the counter in the lobby.
The rental charge is 1,000 yen.
Also, the English ticketing website opens September 18, 2016, at 10am (JST) for our international audience members.(Available for all performances in Tokyo)
This ticketing website accepts credit cards and is also accessible from outside of Japan. Those tickets will be Will Call tickets. Please make sure to pick up your reserved tickets at the venue before the show starts on the day of the performance.
If you need more details, please visit the Japan 2.5-Dimentional Musical
Association official website:Click here


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ハイパープロジェクション演劇「ハイキュー!!」”烏野、復活!” において、日本語がわからないお客様にも言葉の壁なく公演を楽しんでいただくため、多言語対応型「字幕メガネ」サービスの導入が決定いたしました。


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